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Good morning – are you suffering from an acute case of Oscar hangover???! I was up late watching the entire show, so I figure today is going to be one HELL of a looooong day – I imagine productivity around the country will be somewhat lower than usual today (it is a Monday, though), as we all try to get past the lack of sleep brought on by one humdinger of a LOOOOOONG Oscar telecast. Let’s start with the fashion, shall we? 🙂 There were a lot of winners last night (and a few real stinkers – yes, I’m talking to you  Brandi Glanville – seriously…what the F happened to the top of your dress??! I don’t even dare post a picture on here as it is bordering on indecent, and we are Pretty Thing, not Porno Thing!!!) – here are a few highlights:

Naomi Watts in the MOST stunning dress by Armani Privé – look at that fit…good lord but she is GORGEOUS! 🙂 Jennifer Aniston in a Valentino – it’s okay, I feel like this look is nothing new for her. I wish she’d done something special with her hair, though. Amanda Seyfried in McQueen – beauuuutiful frock, non??! :)

Jessica Chastain in Armani Privé – her entire look was beautiful, the sparkles on her gown were divine, and her hair/makeup….GORGEOUS! 🙂 Kerry Washington wore Miu Miu – I loooved the color (there wasn’t nearly enough vibrant color on the carpet last night, in my opinion), and she was as flawless as ever; finally…Jennifer Lawrence wore this pale pink Dior that I love with all my heart!! I LOOOOOVE this dress – if I had it, I would wear it every single day…so beautiful! :)


Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta – I loved the dress, but I wish it had been in a different color…that dove grey just wasn’t doing it for me. I also thought she was in desperate need of better makeup – I rarely notice the makeup on the ladies at these shows, but I sure noticed it last night. She needed some color and bad – but man alive, look at that dress!! Can you imagine how fun it would be swanning around in that all day? Yeah, me neither… :)


There are simply no words for how exquisite Charlize Theron is to begin with, but put her in this white Dior and, well, the heavens opened and the angels sang, friends. She is STUNNING – who else but her could carry off that haircut, too? Her bond structure!!! I die!!!! I really love her attitude, too – she’s real, bracingly honest, and I bet she’s the best girlfriend to hang with, too. She looks like she can hold her liquor and probably knows some really filthy jokes. My kind of girl, in other words. :)

Anne Hathaway’s pale pink Prada was very lovely, and very simple. The tailoring around the boobs was kinda weird and I found myself obsessing about her nipples a bit, but apart from that – gorgeous. Her Tiffany jewels were magnificent, and pretty much my favorites of the night. Of course…once a Tiffany girl, always a Tiffany girl. :)

Yes, I did already show you Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior, but won’t you join me in holding hands and praising its splendor one more time???! Ahhh……love it! 🙂 


Reese’s Louis Vuitton is a perfect color for her, and I nominate her for best hair of the year (if such a prize exists)…man, she looks awesome! :)

This blue Roberto Cavalli on Jennifer Hudson (who took us all to church with her sanging last night – wowza!!) is such a glorious pop of color that I had to include it. Pretty, eh? :)

Zoe Saldana in this Alexis Mabille gown was outstanding – it is what I imagine a fairy ice princess would wear every day…I LOVE it! Especially the top – soooo beautiful! :)

Helen Hunt – in H&M!!!! – looks simply beautiful….her gown is a perfect color on her (and it is color! hurray!), and very age appropriate (because there’s nothing worse than mutton dressed as lamb, folks)…she always looks so classy and elegant. 🙂 I heart her. :)


With George Clooney on your arm, I figure you could show up in a Glad bag and still be the belle of the ball, but Stacy Kiebler’s Naeem Khan gown was so beautiful – only a tall, statuesque woman could carry this one off…on a shorter woman it may have looked dumpy. She’s so beautiful – and that friggin’ arm candy of hers…delish. :)

I want to wake up tomorrow and look like Adele (having her talent would be nice, too)…I think that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Those cheekbones??! I die!! That hair??! Good Christ…I just can’t even. She is GORGEOUS!! The dress, by designer Jenny Packham, is perfect for her – and would you please look at her eye makeup??!? A-MAZING!!! 🙂 Please let me wake up tomorrow and look like that…even for one day. Please? 🙂 

Jennifer Garner’s Gucci gown was one of my favorites – the color was really beautiful, and it looked like she was walking on colorful clouds of awesomeness when you saw the back – PERFECT! :)

I have no idea who Bradley Cooper is wearing – it’s a tux, he looked great as usual…no big whoop. I included him simply because I think that he and I should mate and make awesome, blue-eyed babies. :)

I enjoyed the music theme to last night’s show – the performances were good (go on with yo’bad self, Shirley Bassey!), and despite the shit-storm of controversy and criticism he received, I thought Seth MacFarlane did alright. He’s the dude behind ‘Family Guy’…were people expecting eloquence??! Don’t ask a funny guy who is known for pushing the limits to host if you aren’t prepared for those limits to be trompled on…it’s just stupid. I thought some of his bits were hilarious (‘Let the quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh begin!’), and some, of course, fell flat, but…I was pretty impressed with some parts of his hosting. I had no idea the man was such a song-and-dance guy, and I love that, so yaa! 🙂 When he was hoofing it with Daniel Radcliffe and the divine Joseph Gordon Levitt, well, I got a wee bit giggly, I did. I don’t know that all of the criticism was fair – he did it, it was what it was, enough already. Let’s move on, shall we??! 🙂

I was thrilled for Jennifer Lawrence’s win (she’s too cute, that one – and her lack of filter is awesome), and Anne Hathaway’s win was certainly well-deserved. Three cheers for my beloved Quentin Tarantino (I have always believed, in my heart of hearts, that he and I are secret cerebral soul mates – there is something about his twisted mind that speaks directly to my twisted mind…I think we are cut from the same scary cloth, and I love it) for winning Best Screenplay, and I was thrilled that “Argo” took Best Picture. There were no real surprises or upsets last night, but there usually aren’t these days – with the plethora of awards shows, we pretty much have a good idea who is going to win anyway, but…it’s fun nonetheless to watch! 🙂

What did you think of the Oscars? I would LOVE to hear from you! 🙂




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Oscar Red Carpet

The Academy Awards were last night – and I LOOOOOOVED so much of what I saw on the red carpet, although I do have to admit that I kind of miss the real stinkers of the past like Björk and her swan dress. Anyway – what did you think of last night’s fashion? Here’s a recap (pictures from the lovelies at Jezebel):

Milla Jovovich’s Elie Saab was exquisite! Her entire look was perfection…she really REALLY took my breath away! 🙂 Divine!!!! 🙂

The lovely Berenice Bejo also wore a pale green Elie Saab – that woman is so beautiful! There is just something (a certain Je ne sais quoi, perhaps) about the beauty and allure of a French woman….probably why I’ve spent my life trying to become a French woman. Hmm. Food for thought (and another post, perhaps).


I nearly fell off my couch in delight at the sight of Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen – love love LOVE this frock!  LOVE IT!!! 🙂  Soooo gorgeous! 🙂  Ellie Kemper’s Armani Privé is nice (good color), and Shailene Woodley’s Valentine Couture is okay, also….but check out that McQueen. Le sigh.


Melissa McCarthy’s Marina Rinaldi is very pretty (a bit jewel-y, though, don’t you think?), but very flattering on her. Maya Rudolph looks great in eggplant (seen here in a Johanna Johnson) – but hubba hubba Viola Davis in this green Vera Wang! Wowza!!  The color is breathtaking!!!! 🙂


Stacy Keibler looks like an Oscar in this gold Marchesa – as tall as she is…wow! Stunning!  Missi Pyle is wearing Valentina Delfino – LOVE the color!  Michelle Williams is in Louis Vuitton – her dress is pretty (nice color), but I feel that this is a look we see from her ALL the time. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but…I wish she’d mix it up a bit. But that’s just me. 🙂


Rooney Mara wore this white Givenchy – I love it from behind, but something seems weird to me in the boob area. What do you think?


I am alternating between loving Emma Stone in Giambattisa Valli and hating it – I think I love it. There. I said it. Great color on her, eh? 🙂  Meryl Streep looks gorgeous in Lanvin – mind you, she’s so damn radiant that woman could wear a potato sack and be stunning. Seriously. Tina Fey is wearing Carolina Herrera – nice, but seems a bit boring, non?


Jennifer Lopez is stunning in this Zuhair Murad. Simple as that. (I don’t know why it pains me to write that)


Perfection in Tom Ford. PERFECTION. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


I am DYING for the color of Penelop Cruz’s Armani Prive – this gown is GORGEOUS!!!!! 🙂


I don’t know why I hate acknowledging it, but I do….anyway, here goes: Angelina Jolie was simply AMAZING to look at last night. AMAZING!  I could have done without that stupid scarecrow pose of hers (and will somebody PLEASE feed that woman…PLEASE??!), but wowza is she ever gorgeous. Wow. Her dress was Atelier Versace, by the way.


I want to put this man in a bowl, and eat him with a spoon. Yummy – delicious! 🙂


Anyway – that’s a quick recap for you – tell me…what did you think of last night?

Happy Monday, friends! 🙂


2011 Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala

Last night was the annual Met Gala event, and the fashions this year DID NOT disappoint!  The event was celebrating the late, great Alexander McQueen, and many of the evening’s best dressed wore classic McQueen. Check out some of the pictures (from People):

JENNIFER LOPEZ photo | Jennifer Lopez  Jennifer Lopez in Gucci – a beautiful, dramatic look, don’t you think?

SARAH JESSICA PARKER photo | Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker in McQueen – very pretty 🙂

BEYONCÉ photo | Beyonce Knowles Beyonce in Emilio Pucci – I don’t really care for this dress much at all, and sadly I think she looks like sausage busting out of its casing…it doesn’t do a thing for her figure. 🙁

ASHLEY GREENE photo | Ashley Greene Ashley Greene in Donna Karan – stunning 🙂

BLAKE LIVELY photo | Blake Lively Blake Lively in Chanel – some people didn”t care for this dress, but I think it’s realllllly pretty 🙂

TAYLOR SWIFT photo | Taylor Swift Taylor Swift’s J. Mendel frock was also panned by some of the critics, but I think she looks BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

MIRANDA KERR & ORLANDO BLOOM photo | Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom Miranda Kerr and husband Orlando Bloom – I’m not digging her Marchesa dress at all, which is surprising as I usually LOVE Marchesa, but…this one isn’t doing much for me.

KRISTEN STEWART photo | Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart in Proenza Schouler – certainly eye-catching, eh?  What do you think?

GWYNETH PALTROW photo | Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney – she looks AMAZING, but…isn’t this a look we’ve seen from her a zillion times?  Although, I guess there is something to be said for the theory ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

JENNIFER HUDSON photo | Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson in Vera Wang – very pretty 🙂

RIHANNA photo | Rihanna Rihanna in Stella McCartney… I just don’t know. I’m not digging it. What do you think?

GISELE BÜNDCHEN & TOM BRADY photo | Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady This picture is STUNNING – Gisele is flawless in archive McQueen, and the arm candy she’s rocking ain’t half bad, either. Look at her…can you imagine waking up to that sight in the mirror every day?  Sadly, neither can I.

MADONNA photo | Madonna For whatever reason, Madonna’s fashion choices of late have been annoying me – however, she did a lot to fix that last night. This Stella McCartney is very flattering on her, and is age-appropriate, as well (meaning she’s not trying to look 18 again, as she’s been guilty of lately) – the color is beautiful. 🙂

DEMI MOORE photo | Demi Moore Demi Moore is wearing Prabal Gurung, with a Phillip Treacy fascinator on her head (channeling the Royal Wedding, no doubt) -I find that this outfit makes her look somewhat severe, although it certainly is eye-catching and attention-grabbing.  What do you think?

MARY-KATE OLSEN photo | Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate Olsen in Givenchy – I think it looks like a housecoat my mother wore in 1979…and not in a good way. 🙁
ASHLEY OLSEN photo | Ashley Olsen Ashley Olsen’s Dior Couture is better than her sister’s dress, but even it looks somewhat off. Maybe it’s just me.

PENÉLOPE CRUZ photo | Penelope Cruz Penelope Cruz in Oscar de la Renta, showing everybody how it ought to be done. 🙂  STUNNING! 🙂

EMMA STONE photo | Emma Stone I LOVE Emma Stone’s Lanvin, don’t you? It is SO flattering on her 🙂

MICHELLE WILLIAMS photo | Michelle Williams Michelle Williams in Miu Miu…okay, I guess. Nothing overly special.

SALMA HAYEK photo | Salma Hayek Salma Hayak in McQueen – this is my best of the night…she looks AMAZING!!! That dress is to die for – GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIANNA AGRON photo | Dianna Agron Dianna Agron in Michael Kors – simply delightful. 🙂

LEA MICHELE photo | Lea Michele Lea Michele in Escada – soooo pretty! 🙂

CLAIRE DANES photo | Claire Danes Claire Danes in Calvin Klein – very beautiful, but I feel like she almost always looks like this, don’t you?

LIV TYLER photo | Liv Tyler Liv Tyler’s Givenchy Haute Couture is a wee bit Big Bird, but man do I ever love this one! This is what the Met Gala should be about!! 🙂

AMY ADAMS photo | Amy Adams Normally I adore Amy Adams and I LOVE L’Wren Scott, but I am not digging this dress AT ALL.  🙁

JULIANNE HOUGH & RYAN SEACREST photo | Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest Julianne Hough’s Burberry gown reminds me of a Monet painting…I love it! 🙂

DAKOTA FANNING photo | Dakota Fanning Dakota Fanning’s Valentino is PERFECTION (and SO age-appropriate) – I LOVE IT! 🙂

EVA MENDES photo | Eva Mendes The color of this Stella McCartney that Eva Mendes is wearing is spectacular, don’t you think? 🙂

KIRSTEN DUNST photo | Kirsten Dunst I find myself loving and hating this Chanel Haute Couture on Kirsten Dunst at the same time. I need to ponder this one further, I think…I’m just not sure what to think about it.

ISLA FISHER photo | Isla Fisher I love the color of Isla Fisher’s Tory Burch gown, don’t you? 🙂
CHRISTINA RICCI photo | Christina Ricci Christina Ricci in Zac Posen – no no no 🙁

EVAN RACHEL WOOD photo | Evan Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci – SO pretty! 🙂

MIA WASIKOWSKA photo | Mia Wasikowska I am crazy about this Thakoon that Mia Wasikowska wore – LOVE IT! 🙂

NAOMI CAMPBELL photo | Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell wore this McQueen gown…it looks like an angelic piece of art, don’t you think? 🙂

What Fairytales Are Made Of

I got up at 3:45am yesterday morning to watch the Royal Wedding…and I LOVED every minute of it!  Did you see it? It’s going to be nearly impossible to miss the recaps and coverage over the next while, and I’m sure in a few days we’ll all be sick of it, but…we shouldn’t be. We should be happy for this young couple beginning their life together amidst endless scrutiny, we should wish them well and hope that they will make it through the difficult times, and we should admire the way that their wedding – this joyous occasion – has brought the rest of the world to its feet to cheer them on. 🙂 The news, sadly, is full of misery and horrible things going on – I love to see talk about happy things for a change…I hope you do, too. 🙂

I was really pleased to see her dress – Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen designed it (and you already know what a fan I am of hers), and it was EXQUISITE – take a look:

Ms. Burton also designed the dress that her maid of honor, sister Pippa, wore…and it was OUTSTANDING (I REALLLLLY loved her frock!!!) – check it out:

The girls changed into different gowns for the evening, and they were equally magnificent – look:

I have to admit to getting a little teary-eyed at the beginning of the ceremony when Prince William and Prince Harry arrived at the Abbey, both looking so dashing and dapper in their uniforms, walking side by side. I couldn’t help but remember another time we all saw the two of them dressed up and walking together…sadly, it was behind their mother’s casket during her funeral procession. I’m beyond happy that seeing the two of them together yesterday was for a much better occasion, and I’m certain that their beautiful mother was smiling down upon them from heaven, happy for both of her sons and the wonderful young men they’ve turned out to be. (and, tell me, doesn’t Prince Harry know how to work a uniform???!  Wowza…he has some swagger, that guy – and, if you happen to know him and if he happens to be into the whole ‘older woman/cougar’ thing, give him my number, ‘kay? Thanks 🙂  )

Prince Harry Prince William (L) arrives with Prince Harry for the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 in London, England. The marriage of the second in line to the British throne is to be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and will be attended by 1900 guests, including foreign Royal family members and heads of state. Thousands of well-wishers from around the world have also flocked to London to witness the spectacle and pageantry of the Royal Wedding.

This image of Prince Harry and the little bridesmaid is one of the sweetest things I have EVER seen – love it! 🙂

Finally, this picture of the happy couple following the ceremony is just gorgeous….may they (and the rest of us, actually) always have such happiness. Look at the looks on their faces – 🙂

I know lots of people are complaining about the over-saturation of the coverage, and the expense and lavishness of the wedding, etc….and I suppose they may be a bit right, but come on: is it really so bad to put the world aside for a moment and just enjoy a fairytale? Nope…it’s not bad at all. It’s actually a good thing. I spent the past 24 hours imagining myself as a Princess, and I’ve loved every second of it. Get your royal fairytale on, too, friends…and imagine the possibilities for awhile. It’s delightful 🙂

On that note, I’m off to watch The Little Mermaid and The Frog and the Princess with my Wee One – Happy Saturday! 🙂


Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Recap

Last night was the SAG Awards, and of course I tuned in for the Red Carpet show. The SAG Awards appear to be slightly less formal than the Oscars, and many of the celebs seem to take more risks with their dresses than at some of the other shows. Last night didn’t disappoint – I found LOTS to love…here’s a few of my highlights:

Dianna Agron Dianna Agron’s tea-length Chanel was a lovely choice…the color was good, and I loved the different length. 🙂

Natalie Portman Natalie Portman’s Azzaro is so elegant, and so beautiful…this is the way we should all look pregnant! 🙂  Stunning! 🙂

Angie Harmon Angie Harmon’s Monique Lhuillier is so pretty, and this dress was truly one of the stand-outs on the Red Carpet.  I’m not always a fan of Angie’s, but I am totally digging this frock. 🙂

Mila Kunis The Alexander McQueen dress that Mila Kunis wore is so beautiful, I wish it were mine…and if I had it, I’d wear it every single day (no joke…I’d be raking the leaves in this baby – it’s gorgeous!!!). 🙂

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence’s hot pink Oscar de la Renta is really pretty, but something seems slightly off about the whole look….I’m not sure what it is. However, I love me some pink dresses, so I’ve included her in my list. 🙂

Heather Morris How pretty does Heather Morris (the divine Britney from Glee) look in this Romona Keveza? The color is perfect for her – love it!! 🙂

Julianna Margulies Julianna Margulies is simplicity at its best in this Yves St-Laurent gown. (her acceptance speech was one of the nicest of the night – she thanked her in-laws “for producing truly the most spectacular human being I get to call my husband (Keith). Life is just better with you in it”…how beautiful is that??!  LOVE her!!)

January Jones This Carolina Herrera gown that January Jones wore has me torn – I kind of like it, and kind of don’t. What do you think?

Claire Danes Claire Danes in this Louis Vuitton ball down is a vision….SO perfect on her! Claire definitely dresses for her body at all times, and this is no exception. Stunning!

Jayma Mays  Jemma Mays looks beautiful in this Jenny Packham dress – the color is PERFECT on her! 🙂

Sofia Vergara (Best)  This Roberto Cavalli dress was one of my favorites of the night – she is GORGEOUS!!  The color, the fit, the style…everything is simply perfection. I went to sleep last night hoping and praying that I’d wake up looking like her – sadly, no dice…but I fully intend to try again tonight! 🙂

The winners of the evening were great, as well – The King’s Speech won, as did the brilliant Colin Firth. I was thrilled for Julianna Margulies winning for The Good Wife, as well as Natalie Portman for Black Swan. It was looovely to see Betty White winning for Comedia Actress – I absolutely love her…and we should all be so lucky to be half as awesome as she is at 89!!  

How did you enjoy the show last night?